This past year has been full of adventures, challenges, and new discoveries.  One thing that has held true for Chris and me, but that we only recently have come to understand, is our natural tendency towards doing life together.  By doing life together, I mean sharing everyday and special activities with other people.  We really like being with people!  We enjoy sharing what's going on, supporting each other with prayer, celebrating triumphs, leading events, and just being in the open company of authentic friends.
Our church is currently building Core Groups which have the same goal: Doing life together.  One Sunday afternoon, Chris and I were discussing the sermon and were like, "Yes! That's what we love to do...and we already do it!" 

This blog is my attempt to do life with you. 
You may know that Chris and I also have another tendency, and that is to move around a bit.  This seems to be an extension of my childhood as a PK (Preacher's Kid).  I'm not sure whether Chris and I have a twisted sense of adventure or if habits die hard...or if our pursuit to follow God's call is actually working.  I hope that we are following God's call.  As much as I would love to, I can't have a campfire and roast s'mores with all of you, because all of you are everywhere....and I seem to be everywhere, as well!

So, whether I am in Lima, Lakewood, or LaLa Land, you can find me here.  This blog is not a sermon or a Bible Study.  It is real life with sitting by the fire or at the coffee shop.  I plan to be unfiltered because I'm not here to impress anyone.  If you are offended or annoyed, just find something else to read.  The internet is awesome like that.
I hope you enjoy sharing life with me and I hope to hear from you soon.
09/17/2013 2:15pm

Love it Rach!

Joel Harbarger
09/18/2013 5:00pm

Well said, Rach! I love doing life with you guys!!


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