I didn't know that I would have common themes, but it seems that I do...at least for now! Self Image and Body Image are issues that really touch my heart. They are things I have struggled with personally and now they are a concern for me when it comes to my own children and the youth who I work with.  I know that not everyone feels comforable being open about their feelings and what they struggle with, but for the most part it doesn't bother me.  I just want to be real.  Being fake gives false impressions and unrealistic expectations.  Especially if it helps you, I am honored to share.

So, let's make a deal and quit pretending that we have it all together...for our own sake and everyone else's.  I'm not asking you to confess anything, I'm just asking you to be real.  More on this later.

Thank you for being a part of my blogging journey!  This has been really fun and getting over 2,000 views in less that a month is super encouraging!  Thank you for sharing this adventure!


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