Looking for the image for this post was uncomfortable.  Like, it made my eyes water and my nose tingle.  I think my armpits might start itching.  Is that weird? 

I really like pop.  Really, really, really!  It's SO good!  I like the fizziness and the SWEETNESS and the caffeine and the cold-ness.  It is just so refreshing and yummy and wonderful!!  The sweeter, the better, and that's why I LOVE Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke.  I think Vanilla is the sweetest, so it's my favorite....I could go on and on.

I understand that pop isn't good for me.  I started gaining extra pounds when I turned 30, so I decided to drink Diet pop.  That didn't make me lose weight and I'm concerned enough about aspartame that I switched back to the good stuff.  My weight has leveled out and I'm *usually* okay with my new 30-something figure, and I'm totally convinced that my figure has nothing to do with my pop addiction. 

But, Ash Wednesday happened. 

The service at church was really pretty good.  I thought about it all very seriously and decided that I should deny myself something that I really loved during Lent.  Pop was the easy answer and so that's what I went for.

It is wrong to whine and complain about wanting what you gave up for Lent, so I'm not going to do that. 

Did you know that Sundays during Lent are "mini-Easters"?  Well, my dad says they are and he is a for-realskies-ordained reverend, so it must be true!  That means I can drink all the pop I want on Sundays.......so I AM!!!  It is sooo good and it reminds me that Jesus is also soooo good.  It's really a win-win situation.

This is Chris and me at Aladdin's after church last Sunday.  It was about 2:00pm and I was close to 3 pops in.  Do you see the satisfaction in my eyes?  I do.  I can see it.

The pop had a great effect on me at that meal.  I was a little silly. 

This silliness from pop is something I haven't experienced in more than a decade, so I'm grateful. 

God is good.

Any Lenten stories out there?


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