Q: What do you call 2 people who move more than 10 times in 10 years?

A: Chris & Rachel Burns

When we found out that the house we are renting was going up for sale...again...we knew that we wouldn't be able to buy it. We had several months to figure things out. Initially,  I was devastated. I had thought we might buy this house and live here for a long time...but our time line and the home owner's time line did not match up. So, I got really mad. I wasn't mad at any person, I was mad at the situation. Despite what may be popular belief, I really, really, REALLY want to own a home.

I see a lot of my friends owning their 1st or 2nd home and I get extremely jealous.  Of course, owning a home does not determine self worth, as all rational people know, but I am not a rational person! I'm 32, I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, I've been married for 10 years, and my husband and I both have full time jobs.  HOLY MOLY!!

I don't want to move anymore.  It's awful.  It takes so much time and energy and it causes so much stress.  It isn't a good life choice to move over 10 times in 10 years.  It's just not.   I can't even boast that I am an excellent packer and mover.  I'm the person you don't want to help move because I am messy, unorganized, and lazy.  I don't know how I still have friends.  If I was my friend, I would go on vacation during moving weekend...."Oops! Sorry! That's vaca week! Can't wait to see you all moved in!!"

Thank God we have managed to stay in the same area for the past 3 1/2 years.  Actually, the same street, which is very weird, I'm aware. Even weirder is that we are moving to another house on the same street.  That is 3 houses on the same street within 4 years. 

When I was done being mad, I got excited for new adventure.  I started seeing all of the things wrong with our current house and dreamed about what could be...I have had so many dreams in the past several months...you have no idea. When it came to decision time...a house came available on our street.  [Sounds familiar-same thing happened 1 year ago]

So, here we are...1 week til moving day.  We are signing an extended lease so that--by God's grace-we will be ready to buy a home at the end of the lease. We can buy our new house if we fall in love with it...or we may choose something else.

I'm happy that Lakewood is our home and that Chesterland Avenue has been such a fun and supportive place for our family. I am in constant awe of God's good work in our lives.  Even when I have no idea what the future holds, God has a plan...which is revealed only in His perfect time.

Our new address will be on Facebook, or you may e-mail me for it. For the time being, the post office will forward our mail.

Thank you for being supportive of us and thank you, moving helpers, for not giving up our friendshsip. :o) We appreciate your prayers as we create a new home and work hard towards purchasing our very own house. Home truly is where the heart is.

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