Last night I watched 3 hours of t.v. The commercials made me want to spend a million dollars and then cry...or vice versa. Do you watch much t.v.? Do you pay attention to how it makes you feel about yourself and your life? Here are some things I "learned," but not really-because I'm learning to see past it all. -My hair is dull and lifeless because I don't color it. When I touch my hair I get sad and look like this:  :-(  I need to stop at the drug store tomorrow and buy the special hair dye that makes my hair healthy and makes me look like this:  :-) Then, I will want to go to the park and frolic while all of the people admire me.-I am really fat and I don't have time to eat healthy or exercise.  People are looking at me weird because I have put on so much weight.  I need to call the phone number right away so they can send me the special powder. When the special powder comes in the mail, I will sprinkle it on any food I want and instantly start to lose weight.  People will notice and I will be admired for my tiny waist and beautiful hair while I frolic in the park with lots of energy! Yay!-My skin is blotchy and I look old. I need to remember to spend some time in the make up aisle when I go to buy the hair dye. There is a foundation that is made to look just like my skin, except perfect!! It even lasts for 12 hours so I won't get ugly before dinner.......-But I better get the face wash and night/day cream & eye cream & toner & all of the things while I'm at the drug store or else more wrinkles will come and I will get uglier.  Also, the foundation might make me break out, so the half hour morning and night facial routine will be totally worth it. -My single friends need to sign up for online dating so they can have a successful marriage someday. I will tell them tomorrow. -Crap- I need to order the new stompeeblankiestuffedtoy before my kids feel left out!!!! & I need one in the girl version and one in the boy version. Right now.It's too bad that my kids have no nice toys...that my single friends are so sad...that I have so many wrinkles and blotches...that I'm fat and lazy...that my hair is lifeless and ugly.  I am so grateful that my husband and I have jobs so we can afford all of the things I need to make myself normal and not so :-(.  I can't wait to frolic in the park and be admired!!!!!


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