I gave up my super delicious breakfast smoothies and spent some time with bad habits that made me feel sad.  Yesterday, I was at the grocery store and almost passed by the frozen fruit and then thought twice.  So, yesterday I loaded up and today I blended up, and now I am sipping the smoothie you see in the image above while I blog to you about it. I know that it looks like a mud puddle, but it's really good, really easy, really healthy, really filling, and really natural. Really.  I kept track of what went in so I could send it along to you. Please let me know if you try it and like it or if you have a yummy recipe that I should try or share here on my blog.

Today's Smoothie

4 Frozen Strawberries

20 Frozen Blueberries

1/2 cup Frozen Cut Pineapple

1 cup Frozen Cut Spinach

1 cup pure Coconut Water

Dump everything in your blender (no, it does not need to be a smoothie maker or other fancy gadget).  Blend until smooth.  Poor it into a cup.  Drink it.  You will feel better and look better than you did when you had 2 bowls of sugar cereal like I did yesterday.



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