We are in the new house. Our stuff is here. Most of our helpers have left, but their fingerprints are on our home & our hearts forever. Community like this can only be created by God. Giving thanks for each prayer, warm thought,  bite of food, & serving hand.

I'm grateful for our choice to live with less and what it is meaning to our family.  A year ago we had my least favorite move....I wanted to cry at the thought of continuing to drag things to the new house.....baggage, literally & figuratively. 
This has been my favorite move. I love this house and this fresh start. Our home is smaller, but our hearts are larger. We have less material things and more peace.

So grateful. Thank you!  ♡♡♡♡
It's moving day!!! I have my mom and coffee and kids and hubby and soon friends.....woot woot!!

Say a prayer, Send good thoughts, Cross your fingers,  & Wish us luck!

I don't like staying up this late unless I'm at a fun party or something. It's like 11:00pm and this is not a party....This is PACKING WHICH SUCKS A LOT!!!

After getting rid of SO MUCH stuff in the past year....how do we STILL have SO much CRAP?!?!

I declared it bedtime because my body and mind were done. The house isn't done, but I am.

So, I'm getting this out while I'm cozy in David's twin bed-mattress on the floor. At bedtime he was sad because Grandma always sleeps with Lilly (full size bed).  So, of course,  I offered to sleep with him.  ♡

Tomorrow will come early & I will be a crazy spun out balloon. I hope I don't crash too early......

I am in full blown rebellion mode.

Here are my current strategies for stickin it to the...move.

  1. eating crap like cereal with lots of honey.
  2. drinking lots of pop.
  3. napping.
  4. 9pm bedtime.
  5. muttering "I hate you" as I walk past the toy room or a pile of whatever.
  6. not grocery shopping.
  7. blogging.
    I am fairly certain that my rebellion will make the move see the error of its ways and, in turn,  take care of itself.
                                                                      Cue the air filled, untied balloon release!! Looking forward to 4am. Love you!
There are three days left of my life before my friends show up
to move all of my families' crap a block south.
So, in the interest of time management, I am blogging.  Don't worry.  It's 5am and I've already done some stuff like laundry and coffee....and editing a super awesome pic that you can see right above the words I'm typing. I got up at 4....which, weirdly enough, is not  weird for me...but I still feel like I should be applauded when I am up before 6. When I was younger I had no idea the how much beauty the morning held....kids are sleeping....i can watch whatever I want on tv....make sure they have clean underwear....fun stuff like that.  To get back to my point....

There are three days left of my life before my friends show up to move my crap. Because I have experienced it before, I know how part of it will go.  I will, no doubt, wake up at a ridiculous hour and frantically do "stuff." To get a good picture of what it looks like for me to do "stuff", imagine a fully inflated, untied balloon being released into the air.  The balloon will zoom and spin and dip and bump into things and do nothing except be ridiculous until it flops on the floor...which will be me by dinnertime....maybe lunchtime.  My friends will be amazing as they patiently move my crap and clean surfaces while I change my mind about things and as I refuse to make little decisions, like what to do or when. I'm just incapable of rushed decisions.  It's part of my personality type.  I can't help it.

I hate moving.  Make it stop!

So....things are actually going ok, so far. We have lots of boxes, thank you friends and Chris' work. I am going to save these boxes in case we move in 18 months, or in case someone else needs them.  New house has great storage.

Chris and I have made a schedule.  We have duties for every day of this week.  Also typical to my personality type, which I can't change-sorry, I enjoy making lists but do not enjoy being restricted by them.  So, I have rebelled against myself by refusing to pack the toy room which has been on the list since before the list was created.  We have, however, made great strides in other areas of the house.  Lilly's room is done! David's room is done, besides his closet. Large toy items have been given away. Books-done. Living room toys-done. Curtains-done. Wall hangings-done.  Dining room hutch-done. Basement-half done. Laundry.....in progress.

The garbage truck will come by our house tomorrow morning. We will have lots of crap on the tree lawn (that is the strip of grass between the sidewalk and street, according to NE Ohio-Before I lived in NE Ohio I would have said "We will have lots of crap on the curb). The Lakewood Looters (not to be confused with the trash day bargain hunters-Meg & me) will surely be driving slowly by my house, holding up the school traffic for St. Ed's. They will be dissapointed by my loot and hopefully the St. Ed's boys won't be late for school.

We are in a good place....I think. David shut his fingers in the sliding van door last night which, along with a dinner mishap & meeting at church created a night I'd like to forget....& no packing.  BUT!!!! There are no meetings on tonight's agenda....no special events and I WILL not make any appointments or playdates or dinner dates.  I WILL NOT!!!!! [unless I get a lot done and end up at the Clifton Wine Bar with Sarah Pierce, Meg, and whoever else.]

Chris is getting ready to leave for Spin class.....it is 5:30am.  Here is what he has been up to so far this morning.  Love you all!!! <3

Q: What do you call 2 people who move more than 10 times in 10 years?

A: Chris & Rachel Burns

When we found out that the house we are renting was going up for sale...again...we knew that we wouldn't be able to buy it. We had several months to figure things out. Initially,  I was devastated. I had thought we might buy this house and live here for a long time...but our time line and the home owner's time line did not match up. So, I got really mad. I wasn't mad at any person, I was mad at the situation. Despite what may be popular belief, I really, really, REALLY want to own a home.

I see a lot of my friends owning their 1st or 2nd home and I get extremely jealous.  Of course, owning a home does not determine self worth, as all rational people know, but I am not a rational person! I'm 32, I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, I've been married for 10 years, and my husband and I both have full time jobs.  HOLY MOLY!!

I don't want to move anymore.  It's awful.  It takes so much time and energy and it causes so much stress.  It isn't a good life choice to move over 10 times in 10 years.  It's just not.   I can't even boast that I am an excellent packer and mover.  I'm the person you don't want to help move because I am messy, unorganized, and lazy.  I don't know how I still have friends.  If I was my friend, I would go on vacation during moving weekend...."Oops! Sorry! That's vaca week! Can't wait to see you all moved in!!"

Thank God we have managed to stay in the same area for the past 3 1/2 years.  Actually, the same street, which is very weird, I'm aware. Even weirder is that we are moving to another house on the same street.  That is 3 houses on the same street within 4 years. 

When I was done being mad, I got excited for new adventure.  I started seeing all of the things wrong with our current house and dreamed about what could be...I have had so many dreams in the past several months...you have no idea. When it came to decision time...a house came available on our street.  [Sounds familiar-same thing happened 1 year ago]

So, here we are...1 week til moving day.  We are signing an extended lease so that--by God's grace-we will be ready to buy a home at the end of the lease. We can buy our new house if we fall in love with it...or we may choose something else.

I'm happy that Lakewood is our home and that Chesterland Avenue has been such a fun and supportive place for our family. I am in constant awe of God's good work in our lives.  Even when I have no idea what the future holds, God has a plan...which is revealed only in His perfect time.

Our new address will be on Facebook, or you may e-mail me for it. For the time being, the post office will forward our mail.

Thank you for being supportive of us and thank you, moving helpers, for not giving up our friendshsip. :o) We appreciate your prayers as we create a new home and work hard towards purchasing our very own house. Home truly is where the heart is.