Well, actually, I am 32, but who's counting?
When I was 20 years old, I was a junior at ONU, lived in a house with 3 other girls, and fell head over heels for at least 4 guys.  I married my favorite, the 4th. Hi, Chris!

For some reason, I still feel like I'm in my 20's...and apparently I'm not the only one since someone made an ecard about it.  The fact is, I am so deep into my 30's that I wouldn't be able to fool the guy who guesses your age at Cedar Point.  I take pride in looking younger than my age, but the fact is...when I buy booze, I rarely get asked for my i.d....and when they do ask...the lack of surprise on their faces is almost offensive.  Why do I feel like I'm getting away with something when I buy it?  It's a time warp, I tell ya!
Reality struck this week. 
It was a typical 7am run to the store for some basics to make the morning happen at the Burns house. I was ready for work but far from perfect since these days I do my make up in the minivan-if makeup happens.  I stood in the check out line with my milk and bread and had a battle in my mind while I gazed at the M&M's. 

Then, I saw her.  She was tiny and had perfectly styled dark hair.  "She looks like me," I thought. "We could be friends!," I imagined. Then I remembered the M&M battle and the layer of dry shampoo on my hair.  Oh.
The milk jug was making my hand very cold as I waited in line.  She wasn't buying milk.  She had a case of Red Bull.  She wasn't buying bread.  She was requesting a pack of Marlboro Lights.  OMG!

What is that hanging from her wrist?! A tiny Coach wristlet.  I had trouble finding my wallet in my bag full of school papers, hot wheels, and M&M wrappers.
What is going on here?!  Time warp...woooooeeeeeeoooooooeeeeee!!!!

She probably didn't see me climb into my caravan, but I saw her light up in her little red civic.  I envied her for a minute-she was a lovely young professional woman. 

As I drove the milk and bread back to my family, I thought about how grateful I am to be where I am in life.  I know that coffee is better than Red Bull.  I also know that M&M's are better than cigarettes.  But, what I love most about being in my 30's is the amazing sense of love and security I feel as I'm surrounded by my family.  I look back on 20 years old with a smile, but I wouldn't choose to return there.
Enjoy each year as it comes, friends.  Hold on to the loves and wonders that make this time in your life beautiful. 

I'd like to hug all of the 20 year olds and tell them they're cute, but that would probably creep them out. 



Katie J
09/19/2013 5:20pm

I am not 30 yet, but I wouldn't want to be younger than I am now. And the minivan suits you much better than a Civic!! :)


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