Isn't that picture amazing?! 
I drooled a little when my friend, Katie, sent it to me, but I'm pretty sure Chris will crap when he sees it.  You know, because we are trying to take on this minimalist lifestyle.  I just can't help it how my heart lurches when I see a beautiful display of shoe perfection!  Maybe it's withdrawal.
I was inspired to write about youth leader shoes when my friend, Mike, took note of the TOMS flag sprawled across one of the pictures in my post about being old.  Over the years, I have become more aware of the youth leader look.  When youth leaders are together, there are a few brands of shoes that you will probably see a lot of.  From people I know and input I've gained, I have put together the 5 most common youth leader shoes.  Here is what I think different styles of shoes have to say.  (This is for fun, only.  I am not seriously judging you.  I love you.)

5. The Neon Running Shoe-dynamic!
This shoe says that you are active and not afraid to be bold.  You probably have lots of fun energy and get a kick out of posting your exercises on social media.  You are probably a dymanic person.

4. Sperry's-responsible!

Wearing Sperry's is an impressive way for a youth leader to be taken seriously by adults in the church and community while being respected by the youth population at the same time.  It's really an all-in-one choice, but would probably scuff the gym floor during dodgeball, so it should proabaly be save for the office, sanctuary, and coffee stops. 

3. Knock-Offs-cheap!

Unfortunatley, the youth leader salary isn't the highest out there.  We are so blessed by being in service that we don't need a lot of money.  So blessed!  Thankfully, there are stores that carry footwear at a low price.  They may look like one of the other 4 on this list, but they just aren't the same.  That's ok though, we appreciate your service!

2. TOMS-hippie!

TOMS have been a huge hit over the past few years.  There is much less buyers remorse when you know that you've done some charity at the same time.  Maybe we could even consider shopping for TOMS as work...or not.  TOMS are great, in my opinion, because they can be dressed up or down and are totally comfy.  Downside: they make my feet rank.  Oh well.

1. Converse-carefree!

Converse All Stars are a tried and true shoe.  They are for the grown up who never grew up, perfect for the youth leader.  They give a nod to athleticism without having to actually be athletic.  They last for so long-  The rubber toe keeps these babies running for years. 

My personal favorites are the Converse and TOMS.  I think I could get away with just wearing those two for pretty much any occasion.  I currently have 2 pairs of Converse, 1 to be donated soon.  The grey pair are absolute perfection.  I have 3 pairs of TOMS that I've accumulated as gifts over the past 3 years.  I love them all, but my grey pair has seen better days and is no longer Sunday morning appropriate.  They are more like gardening appropriate since my toes practically stick out...and I don't garden so maybe they need a new home.  I'm not too concerned about what my shoes say about me, and you shouldn't be long as you like them!  But it's fun to think about, right?

So, please share your comments and what kinds of shoes you like and what you think they say, youth leader, or not!

Here are some real life youth worker shoes!  Wow! Ooooo! Ahhhhhh! Amazing!!
09/27/2013 6:32pm

I gotta go with moccasins. Like Sperry's they imitate a loafer which is well respected far above flip flops by the elderly in a church setting. Genuine leather leaves the foot uber-comfy while leaving literally no odor, even for the smelliest of bare feet. Then again, I'm a worship leader, not JUST a youth worker. Oh, and I got me a pair of converse. Black with a gray denim star. Rock n' roll...


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