Why I don't buy into the beauty product hype.

I've spent a lot of time identifiying problems with my body and finding "solutions" to those problems through beauty products.  Facial and body skin care lines, shaving products, deoderants, lotions, make up, hair products and styling tools, vitamins, hair color, teeth whitener, self tanner, etc.
I've spent the past 2 years eliminating most of those products. 
I stopped using so much makeup and my face stopped breaking out.  I stopped using a skin care line and my face stayed clear.  My face has been the clearest for the longest amount of time since I was a kid.  I wash my face about once a day with whatever soap I use on my body and hands.
That leads to the next thing I gave up...the search for the perfect body wash.  I use bar soap now-Ivory, Dial, or Dr. Bronners or something local if I'm feeling fancy.  I usually buy the bulk bar soap and put one in the shower and one at every sink.  It works great and I rarely use lotion.  I have a bottle of lotion in the cupboard, in case I need it. 
Here are some more things I changed:
Shaving stuff-I just use the bar soap and a cheap razor
Shampoo & Conditioner-I buy the combo or just shampoo.  Whatever the cheapest anti dandruff is...lovely, I know.
Make up-a daily "full face" is now mascara and blush, sometimes eyeliner.  Eyeshadow is added for fancy.  I've been bare faced quite a bit this past year, even to work or out to dinner.
Self Tanner-I'm white in the winter and wear sunscreen in the summer

Basically, I've decided to be okay with the human than I am.  I know that I'm getting older and I will get wrinkles.  I think that the amount of wrinkles I get is based more on genetics than if I had the right skin care line.  I'm ok with wrinkles.
The less I wear make up, the more it seems like heavily made up people are hiding.  I hope that they know that they are beautiful no matter what.  I know that I didn't think that I looked acceptable without a "full face" but that's just sad. 

At dinner tonight, Lilly was amazed at how pretty all of the servers were.  They were all really done up and wearing their tight OSU tee's. She and I will talk tomorrow and I will tell her that they weren't any prettier than anyone else...they were just wearing a lot of make up.  I hope she gets it.

Chris doesn't care that I've simplified this area of my life.  Because I'm a dork, I apologized tonight for not wearing makeup out to dinner.  His reply was "Why would I care?" He's a keeper. Also, I think he likes it that the beauty industry isn't getting so much of our paychecks. 

About the beauty industry...they are trying to make money.  I hope you know that.  They are telling you that you CAN be pretty or handsome if you use their product.  They are lying.  You are already great looking!!!  Their product will not make you a better person, I promise! It just makes them richer!

The media doesn't help either.  Celebrities, in my opinion, look like capitol people (Hunger Games reference).  Stop trying to look like them, it's not natural and it's weird.  Just look like you-it's better that way.

Please let me know know if and how you've simplified or if I can help you out.  I can also tell you more about my journey, if you'd like.  (Like selling for 2 separate beauty lines and being on the other side of the sale)

Remember to put on the absolute best beauty product every day: your bright, wonderful smile!


10/05/2013 8:34pm

A little blush sometimes. A bit of eye shadow rarely. A bit of lotion is dry, occasionally. Less is more.

11/11/2013 5:39am

Beyond women understanding that they're beautiful without all the products, we need to understand that oureworth is not found in that beauty. I think my daughters are beautiful. Like seriously, have you seen pictures of them? ;) but they are SO much more than beautiful. They are smart and funny and hopefully one day God-fearing women who can be whatever they want to be!


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